Ozone Lighting Solutions (the lighting division of Konect Electrical Services) are highly experienced in the installation of all types of commercial, industrial and domestic lighting systems.  We have carried out countless lighting installations across all corners of the UK and we are highly experienced in the design, installation and maintenance of all types of lighting systems.

Lighting-related energy use can consume around 40% of the total energy budget for many businesses and with the ever-increasing cost per kWh of energy, your total bill is likely to continue to rise.  A focus therefore on efficient lighting is at the heart of the rapidly growing adoption of LED-based lighting solutions and Ozone are leaders in the field of energy efficient lighting installations. The savings potential for LED lighting solutions varies widely by manufacturer, application and facility so ensure that you speak to the experts when planning your system.


We provide state of the art computer based lighting installations which are designed to ensure the correct lighting levels will be achieved.

As serious lighting installation experts, Ozone has access to a wide range of luminaires from many manufacturers from around the UK, Europe and across the globe.

Ozone has been commissioned to design and implement a wide range of lighting control systems for a variety of commercial and industrial lighting projects.

For a free assessment of your lighting project options, please don’t hesitate to call Ozone now.  We understand that you require high quality, professional lighting project expertise at a competitive cost.

You can see images from a range of the electrical projects that we have undertaken in our electrical project gallery.

All lighting installations are meticulously planned with professional expertise. The customer can be assured that the final lighting design will be installed and achieving optimum performance, whilst maintaining aesthetically pleasing lighting systems.

The customer can rest assured that building regulations, CIBSE recommendations and British standards will be satisfied.  Please visit www.ozonelighting.co.uk for further information.