Office Lighting Liverpool

Konect Electrical Services provide high-quality, low energy office lighting to Liverpool at competitive prices."office lighting liverpool"

Our energy-efficient LED-based systems can save on average 40% in power bills for your Liverpool business.

Along with such saving, we can design , install and maintain Liverpool office lighting systems of any kind to the highest of standards.

We offer computer controlled, energy efficient, intelligent office lighting systems for all Liverpool customers.

Konect Electrical Services have designed and installed many office lighting systems in Liverpool, London and across the north of England.

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Intelligent Office Lighting

LED-based lighting systems use far less energy for the same amount of illumination, compared to more traditional lighting systems used in Liverpool.

They also produce lower amounts of waste energy, in the form of heat as a byproduct.
This means you pay less money for the same amount of light and don’t have the problem of a ‘hot office’ in summertime.

The savings your Liverpool Business will make will help cover the design and installation costs of an LED-based system.

At Konect Electrical Services, we are constantly appraising office lighting systems from the UK and around the world. We look for and use the best. We use energy efficient, high quality, low maintenance lights in our lighting systems.

By taking this approach, we have become one of the leading suppliers of office lighting systems in Liverpool.

LED lighting – Save energy and reduce waste heat output from antiquated office lighting systems by installing state of the art LED lights in your Liverpool business. Modern LED Luminaires have a much greater lux output compared to their predecessors, giving you more light per square metre.

Ultra Low Energy Fluorescent Luminaires –  Replace your old inefficient fluorescent lighting with the latest High Frequency T5, highly efficient alternative. Reduce power consumption, lower maintenance, and extend lamp life in your Liverpool office.

Occupancy Sensors – Why waste money lighting an unoccupied room in your Liverpool office? Reduce energy usage by having lights automatically switch off in unoccupied rooms.

Daylight Dimming – Maintain constant illumination in your Liverpool office, despite changes in light levels entering the room from outside.

Mood Control – Improve the attractiveness of your Liverpool office as a place to work in with programmable light levels. This will reduce staff-tiredness, lower stress, and improve morale. Giving your Company a more efficient office.

Why Choose Konect?

With over 20 years experience designing, installing and maintaining Office Lighting systems, we have built  a reputation for completing them on time and within budget.

All our systems feature state of the art, high performance, energy efficient, intelligent lighting systems.

We pride ourselves on creative solutions and excellent customer service.


We are UKAS accredited NICEIC approved contractors. Commercial and Industrial installations are completed and certified to BS7671 and the latest European standards.

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