"Stockport Lightning Systems"Konect Electrical Contractors specialise in the installation of lighting systems in Stockport.

We are experienced, accredited and trusted with the installation of all types of lighting systems in Stockport for commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

You can see some of the lighting system projects we’ve been entrusted with, and as always, delivered on time and to budget.

We are happy to deal with any type of lighting installation large or small for any type of client in Stockport.

Contact us now on free phone 0800 035 3234 or email to talk about your project requirements in Stockport.


Why Konect For Your Stockport Lighting Installation?

  • Experienced – We have delivered countless lighting systems for all kinds of clients in Stockport and the UK, and have a proven track record.
  • Expert – The design, commission and installation of lighting systems in Stockport is what we specialise in. As experts, we can access luminaires for our Stockport clients from manufacturers around the world. We use cutting edge technology to ensure the right lighting levels are reached when we install lighting systems in Stockport. And, we provide intelligent lighting control systems with all our Stockport lighting installations from simple dimmer switching arrangements to computer programmed mood controls.
  • Trusted – All of our lighting installations carried out in Stockport will be meticulously planned and executed, providing optimum performance and aesthetically pleasing systems. And, they will all meet our Stockport customers’ health and safety standards, building regulations, British safety standards and CIBSE recommendations. Our trustworthiness is backed up by the accreditations we have gained.


About Konect Electrical Services Ltd

We are a long-standing company – established in 1991 – of electrical contractors specialising in lighting systems in Stockport and beyond.

We possess an enviable reputation for our professionalism, cost-effectiveness and reliability due to our effectiveness in delivering lighting installations in Stockport and elsewhere.

We take pride in realising excellent customer relationships with all our Stockport clients and show the same courtesy and expertise regardless of size of project.

We guarantee that you can appoint Konect for your lighting project in Stockport without any fear of disappointment, as we relish making the rights things happen while effortlessly solving any problems which may arise.

Contact Konect now on 0800 035 3234 for free advice about your projected lighting systems project in Stockport.