Today’s technical demands increase daily, one keystone remains intact,  electrical power is required for the process oas various technologies  evolve.  As we are all aware, but find it easy to forget, all our newest and everyday appliances rely on power to allow them to operate.

Whether this power comes in the form of a simple single phase 13 amp socket outlet or an industrial type three phase power supply, one thing is clear, we all need power.

However, power has to be designed specifically for its intended use and installed with power conservation in mind whilst maintaining the safety of the user and the surrounding environment.

Konect Electrical Services take the subject of providing power to their customers equipment very seriously.

All installations are individually designed specifically to suit the demand, application and location, with power systems being designed with an uppermost importance to the usability, practicality, correct operation and the outright safety of the user.

Installations are meticulously NICEIC inspected, tested and certified to British Standards, current IEE Regulations and to the very highest standard of quality assurance.

Konect has invested its knowledge, technical expertise and experience through the design and installation team who have completed thousands of installations across the UK.