Energy In Your Business

What to Consider When Setting Up Energy in Your Business

It’s easy to assume that there’s little difference between energy suppliers. But setting up energy in your business or home could have lasting implications

What to Consider When Setting Up Energy in Your Business or Home! 

Moving into a new home or business premises can be a costly affair that puts a serious dent in your cash flow. In both cases, this is something that you actively want to avoid. However, you can make significant savings when you have a proactive approach to setting up energy in your business or home. 

Here, we’ll look at some of the key considerations that can make life easier and make things more affordable when you move your home or business. 

Time is of the essence

As the team at Switch-Plan will tell you, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels when <a href=””>setting up energy in your home</a> or premises. Whenever you move into a new home or business premises, you’re placed on a deemed contract with whatever supplier the previous occupant used. Which is why it’s important to start setting up energy as soon as possible. These deemed contracts are usually quite expensive as they use a default variable tariff. 

The longer you spend on one of these tariffs, the more money you could waste. So start calling business energy suppliers as soon as possible or contact Switch-Plan to get the best value domestic energy. 

Choose the terms to suit you

Some people want the freedom to switch suppliers whenever they like. Others want to lock themselves into a longer-term energy tariff so they know what their energy prices will be for the next year or two. Most energy plans last for either 12 or 24 months, although there are tariffs with different lengths. Fixed-rate energy tariffs will insulate you from the risk of rising energy prices, although many (but not all) carry an early-exit fee of around £30 per fuel if you switch before your contract expires. 

Keep in mind that terms are usually longer for business energy. 

There’s more to UK energy than the “Big 6”

The “Big 6” energy suppliers (British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, E.On, EDF and N Power) have a market share of around 70%. Yet they rarely (if ever) offer the most competitive deals on the market. Don’t be fooled by their ubiquitous nature. There are lots of other energy suppliers to choose from that may be able to offer a better deal. Many are scared away from smaller energy suppliers because they lack stability (with the pandemic forcing several smaller suppliers out of business). However, the Switch-Plan team can find a reliable and stable supplier that offers great value for money. 

Can you get a better deal with a green energy supplier?

Even a cursory look at <a href=””>the statistics</a> reveals that renewable energy is on the rise in the UK with green energy making up around 40% of the UK’s national energy fuel mix. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that green energy is more expensive. In fact, it’s getting cheaper by the year to use green energy for your home or business. 

Contact the Switch-Plan team today!

Business energy rates are negotiated individually between companies and suppliers. However, if you’re looking for domestic energy, contact the Switch-Plan team today. They can find you the cheapest deals on the market, and manage your switch from end-to-end so you get cheaper energy faster!