Energy Saving

By designing, installing and maintaining Energy saving lighting and lighting control systems to offices, shops, schools, car parks, warehousing & distribution centres, we are able to massively reduce electricity consumption by in some cases up to 80% which enables a swift payback of the system and provide ongoing energy reductions for years to come which is a large contribution towards reduction in your Carbon Footprint.

Using the latest technology in lighting and lighting controls which include:

High Output LED Luminaires,

The days of LED Luminaires that only provide a low light output are over, with technical innovation at its highest ever new High Output LED luminaires are available which can now be used as a replacement or instead of high energy consuming luminaires which provide benefits such as reduced maintenance, enhanced output and low energy consumption.

Ultra Low Energy Fluorescent Luminaires

Replacing inefficient old fluorescent lighting with the latest High Frequency T5 lower energy highly efficient alternative fluorescent lighting will save you energy, reduce your power consumption, massively minimise maintenance and you will benefit from extended lamp life.

With wide applications available and can be used in offices, warehouses, distribution centres, car parks, schools, colleges and in retail locations the use of low energy T5 fluorescent will save you money, time, energy and create a environment that is aesthetically pleasing and promotes a feeling of well being in any workplace.

Occupancy Detection, Daylight Sensing and Dimming

Further energy savings and reduction of maintenance costs can be achieved by installing intelligent lighting controls. By replacing conventional switching systems with detection units that sense movement, assess how much natural light is present in a particular area and decides if it is necessary for the luminaires need to be energised. This saves energy, improves lamp life, reduces maintenance costs and maintains lighting levels to the optimum. Please visit our lighting division, Ozone Lighting Solutions for further information.