2nd and 3rd Floors, Arndale House,  Manchester.

This project was to refurbish the entire office suites of the second and third floor areas of Arndale House on behalf of The Equality & Human Rights Commission. Starting from scratch both floors were stripped to a bare shell with new recessed modular direct / indirect LG7 type lighting was installed within new suspended ceilings, Occupancy detection units provide an energy saving switching system  for all office lighting,  in addition low energy downlighters complete with dimming facilities were installed to meeting rooms. All small power systems were replaced with new underfloor track fed floor boxes providing flexibility to power desks and deliver communications to each desk.

A new mains distribution equipment network has been designed and installed to the highest standard providing balanced power to all areas of the two floors.

Mechanical ventillation and air conditioning systems were wired from the equipment.

Upon completion the design and installation was documented and certified for the clients future maintenance needs.